Moral Design The Game

‘Smart’ digital technology is increasingly part of our society. In the city, in education, business and healthcare. As a result, technology is intervening in the way we organize and design that life, and new questions and challenges arise for which we need a good conversation.

The Moral Design Game helps with that!

The ‘smart’ camera influences the way in which the police organize their nightly surveillance. That can result in significant efficiency gains, but what if the camera detects dancing people as potentially dangerous? An app coaches students through AI to improve their results. But what if the advice is incorrect or causes stress? What if a companion robot ensures that the elderly are less lonely, but the family visits less?

The Moral Design Game helps to discuss these issues. Players take on the role of characters and play with personal values. This also makes it clear which values are sometimes poorly related to each other.

The game challenges self-reflection and teaches all players to think about how we can organize our decision-making in a smarter way. In addition, the game provides a lot of insight into the arguments for and against and it is great fun to play!

We aim to be able to play as many cases as possible with one version of the game. We therefore have only two versions:

  • Moral Design The Game – Dutch version (city, education, health care)
  • Moral Design The Game – English version (city, education, health care)

However, we regularly make other versions in collaboration with other parties.

With Surf we made a special version (values guide variant) with its own special game board.
In other cases, it suffices to just create new cases and characters. We have already done this for the police, housing and we are currently working for regional broadcasting.

Playing a game takes about 1 – 1.5 hours.

Play the game

Do you want to try the Moral Design Game? That can be done in different ways. You can buy the game or you can organize a workshop with us.

You can buy the Moral Design Game by filling in the form.

Prefer a workshop? We are happy to visit you and play the game together (can also be online!).

Learn to play the game really well through moderator training? That is also possible (also online).