Moderator training

You can play the game independently, but as with all board games: experienced players get more out of it. That is why we also offer moderator training. In that case, someone from the lectorate plays the board game together with 8 players from the customer.

This session is extensive in intensive full of playing tips. Afterwards, all players themselves are also able to fulfill the role of moderator in their own organization and everyone receives a special moderator manual. The duration is approximately 2 hours. The costs are indicative € 1000, but we can discuss this. Online will be cheaper.

Fill in the form below and we will talk to you. If you have other questions, please also use the form below.

Play the game

Do you want to try the Moral Design Game? That can be done in different ways. You can buy the game or you can organize a workshop with us.

You can buy the Moral Design Game by filling in the form.

Prefer a workshop? We are happy to visit you and play the game together (can also be online!).

Learn to play the game really well through moderator training? That is also possible (also online).